Summary Of Services

Service Includes
CDInfo PacketWeb ListingEmail SupportEmail forwardingPrice
Self Production Package Self Production Package How-to manualYYNYN$35
Staged Reading Staged Reading Produce readingYYYYY$1,500 + time and expenses*
Staff Staff Produce showcaseTBD
Full Production Package Full Production Package Produce full, staged performanceYYYYY$5,000 + time and expenses*
A La Carte A La Carte
Web-listing / Email forwardingNNYYY$15 per month
StageDotOrg PO BoxNNNYN$25** per month
Voice MailNNNYN$15 per month
ConsultationYYYYY$125 1st hr. / $25 per hr. thereafter
CastingNNYYN$100 + time and expenses*
RehearsalNNYYN$100 + time and expenses*
Moderate discussionNNYYN$50 per hr + time and expenses*
Find a DirectorNNNYN10% of contracted fee
Find a lighting personNNNYN10% of contracted fee
Find a sound personNNNYN10% of contracted fee

* See application for explanation of the fees
** Mail is forwarded to you twice a week

StageDotOrg uses Manhattan venues (audition, rehearsal, production). We will consider other locations, but this may result in additional time / travel expenses.


All StageDotOrg obligations cease following the reading, or three months after the service has been contracted.
StageDotOrg assumes no liability for the content of the work
If StageDotOrg cannot fulfill it's obligation to you because of a circumstance beyond our control - e.g., an actor drops out and cannot be replaced, we will provide you a partial refund. The amount is based on an hourly rate of $25.
If StageDotOrg cannot fulfill it's obligation to you because of a circumstance within YOUR control, we will provide you with a partial refund based on an hourly rate of $50.