A La Carte Services

Any of the services listed here can be contracted for independent of a package or any other service. Some services can be packaged together at a reduced price. Contact us for more information.

Web-listing / Email forwarding:

Fee: $15 per month

StageDotOrg Snail Mail PO Box
We will accept correspondence related to your project at StageDotOrg's P.O. Box. That correspondence will be forward to your own private address twice weekly. As with email forwarding - your private address is not exposed.
Fee: $25 per month

StageDotOrg Voice Mail
We will accept and forward messages related to your project received on our Voice Mail system. Message forwarding options should be discussed at the consultation.
Fee: $15 per month

Design and distribution of publicity
We will commission graphic designs, e.g. posters / flyers descriptive of your work. We will then manage the distribution of that material via targeted or mass mailings. If you have, or contract with us for the creation of, a web page, we will register that page with common search engines. Before you contract this service you should have a clear idea of what the volumes and audience will be. Quoted fees (below) may need to be adjusted based on differing expectations.
Fee: $150 + 10% of artist commission + material

We will provide Dramaturg services for you, either directly or by referral. These services generally include a comprehensive and critical discussion of the work. If we are providing the service it will include a one-hour, in-depth discussion plus written review. These are, of course, subjective in nature - but we, and the Dramaturgs we work with, have many, many years in this business. You are entitled to additional services with this option - see the Summary Of Services page for details.
Fee (we act as dramaturg): $125 for review and one-hour discussion. $25 for each additional hour or part thereof.
Fee (referral): 10% of contracted price.

Includes the Self-Produced package. We will walk through the package with you, and answer any questions you have about bringing your work to the stage. You are entitled to additional services with this option - see the Summary Of Services page for details.
Fee: $125 first hour, $25 for each additional hour or part thereof.

Find a Director
We will send your work to a list of affiliated Directors, or - by mutual agreement - direct the work ourselves. Should you decline either option, the only charge to you is the standard reading fee - i.e. if we fail to find you a director, you are not charged for the search.
Fee: (we direct): $300 + expenses
Fee (referral): 10% of contracted price.

Manage The Casting Process
We will manage all aspects of assembling a cast - including:

Fee: $200 + expenses

Manage rehearsal process
We will manage all aspects of the rehearsal process, including:

Fee: $150 per session + expenses (sessions last approx. 3 hours)

Moderate post-production discussion
Designed to provide you with audience feedback. We use a standard list of questions to encourage audience participation. If you have specific questions you would like to ask, please cover this in the consultation.
Fee: $50 per hour

Assorted other referral services.

Fee: 10% of contracted price. No fee if service is not contracted.